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4.7.1 is out with a nice GUI for setting up stake re-direction. Please consider contributing part/all of your stakes to the bounty programs to help attract/fund more devs. Or, contribute to the core devs. They have been doing a fantastic job and it's time we show support.
Requests 50 NAV
Votes: 412/227 (YES/NO)
I would like to buy vanity plates for my UBER car that says "NAVCOIN". The vanity plates will be read by a large number of people. I estimate that at least 5,000 people per month will see my car's license plate as I drive around my town, Minneapolis, MN. In Minnesota, cars must have license plates visible in the front AND back of the vehicle. I spend over 50 hours per week driving passengers in my UBER in a metro area that has over 3.25 million people. I would like to ask for 5,000 NAV to cover the fees and my time to get the Vanity Plates that say "NAVCOIN". I have included below the link to the website that explains the vanity plate fees and rules in my state. Once the community approves this proposal, I will submit the application for the vanity plates within 90 days. Thank You.
Requests 5000 NAV
Votes: 0/0 (YES/NO)
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