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Proposal Info

Title: NavCoin Live Action Promo Video by NYC Filmmaker Romel (Cryptomoonie)
Requested amount: 4500 NAV
Already paid: 4500 NAV
Payment Address: NhmjFY8PmP6K6aDB5KFSqjMiGpr2VbLuDB
Project duration: 7 days
User paid fee: 50 NAV
Proposal status: EXPIRED



terrym (approx 0 votes per period) said 2 months ago:
Provide more information please.
Proponent requested a payment of 4500NAV 2 months ago:
A new Payment Request with description "NavCoin Promo starring @ChukMorka on Twitter, 175,000 followers. Thank you for all the support NavCoin Community!" has been created. Open discussion

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