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Proposal Info

Title: Drone show ( in the sky of San Francisco and two other cities (in Japan and South Korea)
Requested amount: 180000 NAV
Already paid: 0 NAV
Payment Address: Ngab7g8CyG91E2W7GRH4y4wuq5pVWxbzoe
Project duration: 6 months
User paid fee: 50 NAV
Proposal status: REJECTED



mullerivan (approx 30 votes per period) said 3 months ago:
No way mate, what about something useful?
GlenBit (approx 0 votes per period) said 2 months ago:
I watched the video and was impressed. If reusable drones can replace expensive fireworks shows, that is a use case! I'm not clear what that has to do with NAV coin though

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