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Proposal Info

Title: NavCoin Sticker Creation for the community -
Requested amount: 2000 NAV
Already paid: 0 NAV
Payment Address: Nfv6wPc8zAfP39MyKC99LyfzNoxt8NKUyg
Project duration: 7 days
User paid fee: 50 NAV
Proposal status: PENDING



siflu (approx 12 votes per period) said 17 days ago:
Hey guys this is siflu from Discord, the creator of this proposal. You may know me from the reddit/r/cryptocurrency frontpage posts and giveaways I have made for NAV (f.e. I would be very thankful, if you would vote "yes" for my proposal. If you have any questions, hit me up on discord! :-) Greetings, siflu

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